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Slices mature cheese
[en]desc-Slices mature cheese
Turkey breast (siege)
[en]desc-Turkey breast (siege)
Grated Italian cheese
[en]desc-Grated Italian cheese
Piece of mature cheese
[en]desc-Piece of mature cheese
farmer Salads
[en]desc-farmer Salads
Mature cheese
[en]desc-Mature cheese
Gammon (prepackaged)
[en]desc-Gammon (prepackaged)
Potato salad
[en]desc-Potato salad
Filet Americain
[en]desc-Filet Americain
Cold appetizers (meat)
[en]desc-Cold appetizers (meat)
Cold appetizers (cheese)
[en]desc-Cold appetizers (cheese)
Cheese spread
[en]desc-Cheese spread
Gammon (fresh food section)
[en]desc-Gammon (fresh food section)
Mature cheese cubes
[en]desc-Mature cheese cubes
Cold snacks (fruit)
[en]desc-Cold snacks (fruit)
Cold appetizers (chicken)
[en]desc-Cold appetizers (chicken)